African Economic & Ecological Modernization Sphere

  • The Emission Zero Global Project

     (4 FFCC – 4 Factors for Fighting Climate Change)

  1. Carbon Sink
  2. Eco-Energy
  3. Eco-Industrial
  4. Eco-City
  • The Oasis Project

     (World biggest Rainforest manmade)

  • The Sri Araya Capital
  • Trans African – African Green Belt


The meaning of the concept ‘4 Factors for Fighting Climate Change’ is to fight against global warming in an efficient way as part of the ‘Sustainable Economic Philosophy’. The scheme covers a business model for a large-scaled economic and social sustainable development. From a large-sized carbon sink project – with many rapid growing tree plots – to a sustainable industry system using clean energy from biomass all the way up to new ecological, smart and sustainable cities. This concept is an attractive solution for our environment and the future of our energy sources. The goal should be the implementation of new sustainable economic structures along with better opportunities for societies and communities.
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Over the decades...

The Sri Araya Group (formally Be Green Group) has developed a super- fast growing tree (Kajornphuwapong tree) to be a renewable energy source for the future world. The tree has special unique properties, including its ability to accumulate water in its trunk, also influencing the hydrological cycles in the areas surrounding dense plantations of the tree so as to increase soil and ambient are moisture. All of these effects are very beneficial to the Ecosystems surrounding the plantations.