The 2nd FEC Business Forum (Online-Webinar)

The 2nd FEC Business Forum successfully hosted virtually this year on 19th December 2020 (Saturday) in the title of “Priorities in the post pandemic Era” with 23 countries and 21 speakers participated in the forum to discuss on world’s most pressing challenges and how we can work together to spur growth in the aftermath of the pandemic.


The core theme of this year’s forum focus on how COVID-19 started as a health crisis, which quickly evolved into a global economic crisis at a speed and magnitude we have not seen in our lifetime. The ripple effects are still unfolding on a global scale and it is unlikely that the true impact of this pandemic can be measured until the situation stabilizes. But once we come out of this challenging and uncertain time, how will we recover? Will we go back to business as usual, or will we see enduring changes at the individual, organizational and government levels.



  • Socio-Economic System in the post pandemic world
  • SDG Implementation for post pandemic economic recovery
  • Token Economies in the time of COVID-19 for Asia & Africa
  • Jobs for a post pandemic future.

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