About us

Mr. Chanasnun Kajornphuwapong

– President of PEACE (Policy & Economic Alliance Caring of Earth)
– Founder of The African Economic & Ecological Modernization Sphere

“All the hard work I have been diligently done for the whole period of my life.
This brilliant work is to make the earth peaceful.
May life is for love and caring for each other.
To be the night and the day that the world can be rotated by the Dharma and end the suffering.
Lets it be the Golden Era of humanity and the world.”


African Economic & Ecological Modernization Sphere

  • The Emission Zero Global Project

     (4 FFCC – 4 Factors for Fighting Climate Change)

  1. Carbon Sink
  2. Eco-Energy
  3. Eco-Industrial
  4. Eco-City
  • The Oasis Project

     (World biggest Rainforest manmade)

  • The Be Green Capital
  • Trans African – African Green Belt

African EEMS is the new economic master plan in Africa. It links domestic economic system within African’s continent, and promotes the stable development, which targets African’s economic system to reach the equivalent to the civilised countries. In addition, the plan is to be the chief in solving Global Warming problems and other problems in today’s world.


African EEMS is the Special Economic Zone, that is established by Be Green Group cooperate with other International Organization, which has gained a wide cooperation in many countries around the world.


The African EEMS project is a significant opportunity by taking action to solve Global Warming, and generate a new economic area. This action will be done under the sustainable development philosophy calls 4FFCC or 4 Factors for Fighting Climate Change, which will create an infinite benefit for the countries, where located and involved in the project.

The new transportation route in African is required within the African EEMS area in sequence of opening the new economic corridor. This route will be used as the main route in the African continent by linking the West End to the East End, where the large industrial logistic centre will be located at both end. Since the special route is to join the west and the east of Africa, the Atlantic and Indian Ocean in connected.

The goals of joining the African’s EEMS program is to have a very strong economic network by using the same economic policy, and reducing the society gap. Therefore these will truly generate the the sustainable peace to global community.

The African EEMS project was first presented in a press conference at the United Nations Conference on Global Warming COP-23, which took place in 2018 in Bonn, Germany. Soonest there will be a signing ceremony to establish the Be Green Special Economic Southern Corridor within the group of African Nations participating in the project. This will be followed by an official conference of all of the member African Nations from September the 9th-11th, 2019 to take place in Beijing, China.

The African EEMS

…consists of The Emission Zero Global project, which is responsible for building a large carbon sediment reservoir in the Be Green Southern Special Economic Corridor. This project will transform wood products from the plantations to a clean energy in the form of biomass electricity by using pyrolysis technology, which result in no Carbon Dioxide will be released. Moreover, the remaining products (biochar) will be used as the main raw material for improving the soil structure in the arid areas of the Be Green Northern Economic Corridor, where the “Oasis project” is located respectively.


The area of Be Green Southern Special Economic Corridor is a Super-Highway with over 3,500 Kilometres long, Starting from the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) to Tanzania via Burundi. 

Along the both sides of the superhighway (left and right), throughout its distance is the large-scale wood plantation with Biomass Power Plant, that can generate lectricity for the whole African Continent.

Additionally, Be Green Northern Special Economic Corridor start from The Republic of Guinea and end at Djibouti, meanwhile it continues the most Eastern of the continent along the arid zone of several countries. The distance of new rainforest area that will replace the desert is 7,000 km long.

African EEMS : Project targeted

Be Green Southern Corridor

(The Democratic Republic of Congo, The Republic of Burundi, The Republic Rwanda, The United Republic of Tanzania) total -30- million Hectares to feed low price energy to supply African continent and supply the tremendously of Biochar to The Oasis project in Be Green Northern Corridor.

Be Green Northern Corridor

(The Republic of Guinea, Burkina Faso, The Republic of Mali, The Republic of Benin,
The Federal Republic of Nigeria, The Republic of Niger, The Republic of the Sudan, The Republic of Chad, The Republic of Djibouti, The Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia) -300- million Hectares in total.

The benefits of The African EEMS project to Worldwide include following Ecological,Social and Economic benefits :

  1. Addressing energy shortages that are the seeds of future conflict and War.
  2. A boon to local economies of areas cultivating the Kajornphuwapong, reducing unemployment, benefiting lowest income sectors of the population, resisting conomic recession.
  3. Helping reduce the social gaps in the nations with large discrepancies between
    the ‘haves’ and ‘have nots’, thereby to increasing social stability.
  4. Increasing the Economic Independence of Developing Nations, making them less prone to economic, social & political domination by other Nations.
  5. Improving prosperity in rural districts and helping stem migration to vercrowded urban centres, helping equalise economic prosperity between urban and rural areas.
  6. Making for drought resistance, improving soil quality, moisture content, esisting advancing desertification.
  7. Sequestering carbon to help mitigate Climate Change.


African Economic & Ecological
Modernization Sphere

At the beginning and the ending of both special economic corridors, is to be established as the massive “East & West industrial zone”, which generating main income for the countries of its location. It will be the major infrastructure as well as it will shorten the distance between “The Atlantic and The Indian Ocean” dramatically (est. 10,000 km shorter).