The concept of “THE FOUR FACTORS” is a means to fight against Global Warming. This includes a business model for large-scaled economic and social sustainable development under a concept “Emission Zero” through a construction of a large-sized Carbon Sink Project out of rapid growing plant plots, and development of a secondary industry system using clean energy from biomass fuel in which all participants involve in development and production. Together, this is concept for a viable solution. If we are able to find an area to conduct the project, the result will be a rescue of the situation within short duration. In themeanwhile, this will enable sustainable development of a new economic structure along with better society and life.


The large area of fast-growing tree acting like giant carbon dioxide absorber and quickly converted through the simplest natural process of photo synthesis. Large amount of biomass is continuously produced from the facility due to Be Green’s “Kajornphuwapong tree’ breed development which yields every 2-3 years. With Be Green’s most advanced crop management system, the plantation is carefully controlled to optimize benefit environmentally and economically in producing feedstock for clean energy production.


The major part of clean development mechanism (CDM) of the project which converts feedstock from Carbon Sink into clean energy in the form of bio-fuel and electricity through pyrolysis and gasification processes. Most importantly, Biochar produced from the processes perform an exceptional role in carbon sequestration element as well as micro ecological balancing media critical to the plantation to minimize the need of additive and chemical fertilizer.


It is also set up in the project and aims to provide the most advanced industrial facility system running on clean energy provided from the Eco-Energy plant. All tenants are obliged to main concern and regulation of project concept “THE EMISSION ZERO’.


The ideal city for residential as the accommodation far all personnels in this large-scale economic structure. Incomes from multi-disciplinary occupations create independent and sustainable wealth in every part of the system. And thus this blissful community reflects the fundamental vision of Be Green Group on bringing the smile to all mankind living together with the nature persistently.