The meaning of the concept ‘4 Factors for Fighting Climate Change’ is to fight against global warming in an efficient way as part of the ‘Sustainable Economic Philosophy’. The scheme covers a business model for a large-scaled economic and social sustainable development. From a large-sized carbon sink project – with many rapid growing tree plots – to a sustainable industry system using clean energy from biomass all the way up to new ecological, smart and sustainable cities. This concept is an attractive solution for our environment and the future of our energy sources. The goal should be the implementation of new sustainable economic structures along with better opportunities for societies and communities.


This is a large size plot and its purpose is to purify the atmosphere. The ability to absorb Carbon-Dioxide to generate wooden tissue and release oxygen simultaneously during photosynthesis. In comparison, this function is similar to the human lung. (Photosynthesis)


Transforming the carbon sink product into bio-mass, the sources of power-plant generate electricity supplies throughout the special economic zone as well as export the electricity to country members. Electricity is the basic and necessary infrastructure for the country’s development.


The third function of ‘sustainable economic philosophy’. This plot manufacturing machinery used within the Project. The F3 area welcomes other related businesses to invest within our industrial estate with tax benefits and opportunities to be part of the sustainable market through the consignment period. The investment within the special economic zone helps the state in term of Economy and improve the labor skill of the people.


The fourth function of the ‘sustainable economic philosophy’ is enchanted quality of living by laying new city plan with smart city infrastructure. The smart city management will share the same standard as any other metropolis from the developed countries.