Sri Araya Group Innovations

The Sri-Araya Group, formerly Be Green Group, is a cooperation between ‘agricultural industry’, ‘energy research institute’ and world-class agricultural university which is internationally recognized in its research and development.

In addition, Sri-Araya Group has proposed a ‘sustainable economic philosophy’ for sustainable development and resolve Global-Warming (4 Factors for Fighting Climate Change – 4 FFCC) in world congress many times and being awarded by the UN and other international organizations.

Fast-Growing Trees Species

Seedling Technologies

Biomass Energy Technologies

Soil Revitalization Technologies


Sri Araya's  rapid-growth Tree

The rapid-growth ‘Kajornphuwapong Tree’ with benefits like:

Absorb Greenhouse Gases

Rainforest expansion

Revitalizing soil

Alternative energy source

In economical term, this rapid-growth tree has been developed its species to be more productive even plant in the single crop industrial plot. From the researching plot, after plating the tree for 3 years, its wood weighs approximately a ton/tree. This is the result of planting the tree in the middle-density plot (2,000 tree/hectare). It is considering the world’s most productive biomass tree presently.

Ecological wise, this rapid-growth tree’s properties benefit the soil enrichment fast and concrete. It has large xylem and suitable to grow in ‘sandy loam’ on the plot that is below 1,200 m. sea-level. The tree best growing in the area that has rainfall of approximately 1,000-5,000 mm/year. Due to its special properties, it is categorized to be rainfall pioneer species. Apart from the rapid-growing character, it is able to contain a huge amount of water in its wood.


Dr. Jiang Minjung, the chairman of International Ecological Safety Collaboration Organization (IESCO) and the consultative of UN ECOSOC had named the hybrid tree after its founder’s family name ‘Kajornphuwapong tree’.


The tree is founded and been developing it’s species by Mr.Chanasnun Kajornphuwapong, then chairman of Sri Araya Group. The Kajornphuwapong tree issue was brought into the High-level meeting of the United Nations Economic and Social Council, the Ecological Safety and Scientific Technology Innovation Symposium in 2013, at the United Nations Head Quarter, Geneva, Switzerland. Furthermore, Chanasnun Kajornphuwapong was awarded ‘The United Nations Science and Technology Innovation Prize’, announced officially by IESCO dated 29/08/2013.

Prof. Dr. Jiang Mingjun and IESCO delegation visit the Sri Araya R&D plantation, 5th August 2013
After a few Weeks

The tree growths fast in just a few weeks.

After a few Weeks
After 2 Years

Height: ca. 10.5 m | Weight: ca. 380 kg

After 2 Years
After 3 Years

Height: ca. 14.5 m | Weight: ca. 960 kg​

After 3 Years
After 4 Years

Height: ca. 20 m | Weight: ca. 1700 kg​

After 4 Years

Benefits of the Kajornphuwapong Tree

  • Fast growing rate absorb Carbon Dioxide extremely fast
  • Huge Carbon Credit resource
  • Mitigate energy crisis and national reconciliation
  • Tremendous biomass feedstock
  • Indicate social & economic standard and reducing social gaps
  • Strengthen bio-energy sustainable, core of feedstock supply
  • Large quantity of water absorbed capacity, it’s the best resource for humidity, rain solve for derelict land and drought
  • Create green belt to the world, turn the forestry management into the main bio-energy forest
  • Numerous jobs opportunity as it’s own and others concern businesses
  • The richly and vitally various connection of tree roots will prevent the land slide and keep the soil well preserved

Commercial Value Comparison in USD

Gallery of  Sri Araya's Miracle Tree


Sri Araya's  Seedling Technologies

Seedling technologies accelerating the growth rate and survival rate improvement in various climates and build a genetic stability.

Sri-Araya Group co-operates closely with a world-class agricultural alliances from the Netherlands who are specialized in green-house technology as well as seedling technology for the forestry industry. Together with the Sri-Araya Group and specialist we have build the seedling facility to supply Kajornphuwapong Tree in Africa throughout the consignment period.


Sri Araya's  Biomass Energy Technologies

Bio-mass energy technology powered the project by utilizing wood products from plantations and generate alternative electricity that is cost-effective and unlimited.

The pyrolysis power plant is the most suitable technology to alter bio-mass products into electricity due to it requires combustion-free and not release Greenhouse-effect Gas into the atmosphere. Moreover, the leftover product after the pyrolysis process is ‘Bio-Char’. Biochar is the carbon absorbed from the atmosphere and best for fertile soil.
The unique property of pyrolysis power plant has numbers of benefits and one of those is the size. It has a small size and requires little maintenance with less complication. In addition, the installment does not require a long period of time. This enables the project to easily acquire a 3 MW power plant in a 40 feet container that is mobilized to plantation quickly and minimizing feedstock transportation cost. This cost-effectiveness character makes the project profitable.


Sri Araya's  Soil Revitalization Technologies

Soil revitalization technology from bio-char enriching soil swiftly and sustainably. Consequently, it is able to transform the dried zone into a rainforest (this part is classified).


Role and Responsibilities

The Roles and and Responsibilities of the Sri Araya Group in the African EEMS are following.

Project Framework

  • Project established as a Special Economic Zone African EEMS
  • Concession Period 99+ years
  • Sri Araya Group granted concessions to develop the following project


  • Very large sized and efficient Carbon Sink Reservoir


  • Wood Pellet Mill
  • Pyrolysis Power Plant
  • Oil Refinery

Eco Industry

  • Industrial estate including heavy industries
  • Other utility service


  • Township for resident and commercial development
  • Other utility service for the city