The  Largest Man-Made Rainforest in the World

The Oasis Project is a continuation project from The Emission Zero Global. It aims to solve the Global Warming by restoration and improving the soil quality in order to create a permanent rainforest in the North of Africa, where the most arid regions of the world are located. The quality of degraded soil in the arid area will be improved by the combination of a new inventions between Agro Forestry from the Sri Araya Group and the massive amount of Biochar from The Emission Zero Global.

The numbers of the arid areas and uninhabited scattered in several Continents, due to the Global Warming phenomena, and it is now expanding continuously into the urban. We are certainly talking about ‘Desert’.


There is occasional rain over the desert, nonetheless, it quickly no-organic matter helps absorbing and collecting water, besides, no tree to shield heat from the sun. Without the tree, is a cause of water evaporates rapidly.


In the desert, the necessity microorganism that decomposes trees and animal has been vanished rapidly due to contacting the solar heat directly without any protection from tree’s shading. And the soil will eventually become sandy.


Desert transforming into the rainforest is the mission of the Sri-Araya Group development project. With distinctive technique where ground revitalizing along with rainforest creation and urban development together in the project area will successfully turn desert into rainforest swiftly.

A huge temperature differences between day and night in the desert area together with desert expansion, these two factors together accelerating the severity of weather significantly.


The partnership between soil and root requires healthy biology. Healthy soil contains organic matter from dead leaves, dead roots and dead animals. This dead organic matter is broken down in nature by soil life to become humus. This create a great deal of food for soil life. Carbon is vital to healthy soil Organic matter can produce humus Humus holds on to CO2.

What We are Doing

There are many projects by many organizations and countries battle the desert expansion. Some of the projects spends a large amount of state fund and some project asks for a donation from various organizations and holds the event to plant millions of trees in special occasion and festival by thousands of volunteers.

The Truth is not Beautiful!

  • Instead of gathering volunteers to plant trees on daily basis, we practice it in the business model, generate income and create quality and sustainable employment for the citizen of the state.
  • It requires modern machinery and equipment to reform rainforests out of the desert. To be productive in the desert transforming process and cost efficiency, modern machinery and equipment are necessary
    to replace hand digging and planting.
  • Proper maintenance system to look after trees planted is required; therefore, retaining the quality of
    soil and enriching the microorganism underground is necessary to make the tree survived.

Be Green Group with Wageningen University & Research, 2017

Be aware of Facts!

The donation and NGO model is unable to prevent desert expansion. Nonetheless, an industrializing plantation along with soil revitalizing and eco-system reconstruction is a sufficient solution. Afterward, nature is self-healing and benefit us in return.

The OASIS is a farming-rainforest estate development for fighting Global Warming. The OASIS cooperation model has newly been constructed as ‘Pubic Private Partnership for ‘Planet’ (PPP+P). This establishment clearly specified its objectives, roles, investment data, and return of investment; additionally, no donation required. In the meantime, it is a large scale of employment source for the country that hosted the project sustainably.

One of the project incomes is from commercializing ‘carbon credit’ which is large enough to return investment in the time specified within the contract of investment.

Furthermore, it will be written in world history that Sri Araya’s Tokenomic could certainly prevent desert expansion and turn arid land in African into value.

Be Green Group ’s Sub-contractors in Netherland for greenhouse technology