The Oasis Project is a continuation project from The Emission Zero Global. It aims to solve the Global Warming by restoration and improving the soil quality in order to create a permanent rainforest in north of Africa, where is the arid regions of the world. The quality of degraded soil in the arid area will be improved by the combination of a new inventions between Agro Forestry from Be green group and the massive amount of Biochar from The Emission Zero Global.

Be Green Group with Wageningen University & Research, 2017

Refers to the most effective and complete way to cease the greenhouse gases, a complete greenhouse gases storage system to solve Global Warming is to create a large fast- growing tree plantation in order to accumulate the carbon dioxide in the trunk. The trees will be converted in to another form of energy, resulting in reducing the use of fossil, which will reduce the production of green house gases. Meanwhile, the large forest will create humidity. As consequence, the forest will revive the wildlife and create the rain clouds. The rain fasten the sustainable forest grow by providing the nutrients, as well as create the right environment for plantation.

Be Green Group ’s Sub-contractors in Netherland for greenhouse technology