Be Green Group is a group of renewable energy companies who continuously try harder to develop new form of renewable energy and respond to energy scarcity situation. Be Green’s solution is to develop a fast growing biomass tree for energy production. More than 10 years of research and development, Be Green finally comes up with a One with a faster growth rate than the fastest growing One ever recorded by the Guinness Book. 


Wth highest plant management technology, Be Green’s trees now yield up to 1,000 ton I Hectare per 3 year crop which is considered to be the fastest growing tree species with a shortest crop period.

Under Be Green Group’s vision, policy and standpoint, we had received extraordinary collaboration born business partners, governments and international organizations in the attempts to set up special economic area. The area is designed to respond to energy problems together with global warming which will also create jobs and fight economic crisis. It is the dedicated and practical dream for Be Green Group to carry the expectation and collaboration throughout the world for this peace project for better economic and social equality for everyone.

Be Green Innovation

  • Research on the fast-growing tree species for over 10 years finally getting the steady tree species which named “Kajornphuwapong Tree”‘ – 3 years/crop – Expected yield of 1,000 Tons/Ha. (>300 Tons/Annum)
  • Research on the high quality soil structure which is appropriate for the Be Green fast-growing tree.
  • Research on organic fertilizers and cultivation process which increase the growth speed and the strength of the Be Green trees.
  • Expert plantation management team


The objective of Be Green Group is to be the world best plantation company and a driving force in developing the continent’s large potential for tree plantations. The company believes that the world will see an increasing shortage of wood fiber at a time when higher energy and oil prices and an increased desire for renewable products will accelerate the demand for wood fibers. The global shift from slow growing natural forest to fast growing plantation forestry will continue.

‘ According to the proposal of Director-General Jiang Mingjun, the new hybrid tree to be named after Mr. Chanasnun Kajomphuwapang, called “Kajomphuwapong Tree”. This has been approved as a project at the high-level meeting of the United Nations Economic and Social Council – Ecological Safety a. Scientific Technology Innovation Symposium in 2013.

Research and Development

The Be Green research and development of scientific plantation has been conducted in several area within The Kingdom of Thailand. With decades of hard work, many agricultural specialists had joined in the team of Be Green Group. Therefore, we could complete our agro-forest and plantation mission accurately and efficiently.

The Benefits of

Kajornphuwapong Tree

  • Fast growing rate is extremely absorb Carbon Dioxide.
  • Huge Carbon Credit resource. – Mitigate energy crisis, national reconciliation.
  • Tremendous biomass feedstock.
  • Indicate social and economic standard, reduce social gaps.
  • Strengthen bio-energy sustainable, core of feedstock supply.
  • Large quantity of water absorbed capacity, it’s the best resource for humidity, rain solve for derelict land and drought.
  • Create green belt to the world, turn the forestry management into the main bio-energy forest.
  • Numerous jobs opportunity as it’s own and others concern business.
  • The richly and vitally various connection of tree roots will prevent the land slide and keep the soil well preserved.

Prof. Dr. Jiang Mingjun and IESCO delegation
visit Be Green R&D plantation

5th August 2013